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This is the time of Corona virus.  This is the time the world stopped turning.  This is the time that the best laid plans of mice and men have gone awry. Every plan has changed, every contract canceled, every job lost, every trip a no-go.  No jobs, no fun, no travel, no adventure, no income.  Well, dang!  That hurts!  It's like living in a science fiction movie. No one saw this coming, all we can do is hope it goes away as rapidly as it came.  Covid 19 is leaving such a wide wake of death and heartache, separation and anxieties.  Together, we share such awful sadness and worry at this time.  I wish you and your loved ones health, safety, peace.  God be with us.  


If you happen to be shopping for a lecture or class for the time when we can once again gather in fellowship, I am grateful that you have stopped by!  Check out my workshops, lectures, and brand new for 2020: A line of patterns!  They will be included here very shortly.  I'm pleased about that new opportunity to share quilts with a new audience. 


So, here's the newest news: I have finally been coerced into writing a blog!  It will be available right here, click on word Blog (well, duh) in the top menu. I can never decide if I'm a writer first or a quilter first.  Even when I'm sewing, my quilts are full of text and tell stories and I always have a quilt (or ten or twelve...) in progress. I have to sew daily to be happy, but I'm thrilled when I can write daily as well.  I post "micro mini memoirs" on Facebook, and how fun is that!  No editing, no rejection slips, ha ha!! But I will be transferring those long posts from Facebook to Blog.  Here.  Sorry - you will have to do an extra click!  My blog will be called Second Hand Stories.  More info on blog itself. 


I write, but I will always be an artist, a quilter, a sewer of old things into new.  I like to work with worn things I buy in thrift shops, the kind of places you go into with rubber gloves and tongs.  I have such a heart for the women who came before me who worked so hard to find a few moments to make beautiful things for their families;  a crocheted doily, a hanky with tatted edges, an embroidered dresser scarf, or a stack of quilt blocks they never got around to setting together.  These are the fragments I gather and find great joy in giving new life.  As you look at the quilts in the galleries, you will spot the vintage pieces.

I have lecture and workshop dates open - take a look at the offerings.  Enjoy your visit, and let me hear from you! 

  Teddy Pruett


161 NE Laguna Drive, Lake City, FL. 32055


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