Teddy Pruett
Second Hand Story Quilts
On the Page and In the Cloth

Welcome!  I'm excited!!  As a matter of fact, "EXCITEMENT" is my word of choice for 2019. It's my goal to live an exciting life, particularly now that I'm older than dirt.  Had a BIG birthday last year, and I'm determined to make every moment of every day count.  I may not have many left! 


After three years of retirement, last summer I made the announcement on Facebook that I might like to go back to work.  I missed it so! I'm delighted to report that contracts have been coming my way.  I am so grateful for every chance to hit the road and interact with quilt lovers.  I can't imagine a more rewarding job - and SO MUCH FUN!!  I was always so busy with appraisals that I didn't offer workshops, but groups have been insisting I offer workshops with my lectures, so I've been diligently working on samples, handouts, class plans, etc.  Hard work, but worth every moment.  Please check out my workshop offerings, and bear with me until I can get appropriate photos up. (My website isn't cooperating.  Looking to change soon.)  I will go anywhere - and I mean anywhere in the continental US to work.  I drive with my quilts, don't fly any more, but we can work out travel expenses.  Call me!!


"Text-ures" refers both to the texture of the fabrics and embellishments I use in my quiltmaking,  and to the fact that I'm a writer.  I also use text on my quilts.  

I write, but I will always be an artist, a quilter, a sewer of old things into new.  I like to work with worn things I buy in thrift shops, the kind of places you go into with rubber gloves and tongs.  I have such a heart for the women who came before me who worked so hard to find a few moments to make beautiful things for their families;  a crocheted doily, a hanky with tatted edges, an embroidered dresser scarf, or a stack of quilt blocks they never got around to setting together.  These are the fragments I gather and find great joy in giving new life.  As you look at the quilts in the galleries, you will spot the vintage pieces.

Enjoy your visit, and let me hear from you!