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So - why the term Second Hand Stories?

There are tee-shirts for writers that say "Beware what you say to a writer. It may end up in a novel."  In my case, you can almost bet it will.  I love to write, to push words around.  When I write an essay, a Facebook post, or a novel, I know that no one since the dawn of time has put words together in the exact order that I have.  How cool is that?  But I also know I don't have a great imagination for fantasy or make believe, so what I do is rummage through my lifetime box of things I've seen, heard, read, and pull something out. Stories someone told me, perhaps fifty years ago over a dinner table, may show up in my writing, morphed into an unrecognizable shape. I sift through the memory box and write. Second Hand Stories, you see.  


I write, but I will always be an artist, a sewer of old things into new.  I work with worn things from thrift shops, places you go into with rubber gloves and tongs.  The women who came before me worked so hard to make beautiful things; a crocheted doily, a hanky with tatted edges, an embroidered dresser scarf, or a stack of quilt blocks they never set together.  These are the fragments to which I offer new life.  As you look through the galleries, you will spot the vintage pieces. Many of my quilts have text, almost all have a story to tell.  I use recycled items and fabrics, so, once again, Second Hand Stories.


Latest not-so-great news is that I am leaving much of my professional life behind.  I am removing all the lectures and classes from my website.  Can. you. say. ANGST?  I've shared my knowledge and love of quilts with groups all over the country for over thirty years. It's a lot to give up, and I have spent long nights wrestling with myself over it. Somehow, I know in my heart that it's time. Oh, how I will miss the laughter and friendships!


Latest really great news is that my collection of  "micro-mini-memoirs" is actually in print!  I Can't Write without My Eyebrows:  Musings of a Prissy Southern Woman is a compilation of Facebook posts and other short essays that received positive reader feedback over the past few years. I can't remember how many times readers said "You should put these in a book!" So I did - a very girly-girl book that will make a terrific gift for friends, sisters, secret pals - anyone with a woman's heart. 

The book is available in paperback, hard cover, and ebook.  Order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Do it!  



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