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I used to be a street rod chick.  As soon as I met Bill he began bestowing gifts.  He found out I liked old cars, and gave me a basket case 1938 Chevrolet to restore.  I designed this mauve and cream sweetie that I named Mauvlus.   It had a gold instrument panel, roses etched into the windows, pink velvet and pink & gold brocade upholstery. The battery was in the trunk, disguised as a big gift wrapped in pink velvet.  I even had a pink toolkit!   I loved my car passionately, and kept it seventeen years.  When quilts began to dictate my life and my days, I could no longer go to car shows or play with my car.  I finally sold it and used the money to build my cottage studio.  I no longer have that, either.  Life is a series of giving up things, I suppose.  

This picture was taken at an April Fool's Rod Run in Waycross, GA. where Mauvlus won the People's Choice Trophy.  Can you see what I am doing?  I am lap quilting a quilt block a la Georgia Bonesteel!




Here's another play-pretty car, my 1969 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, about 3 miles long.  It was in a car show July 2015 and guess what I was doing?  Yep. Sewing.  Putting the binding on a quilt.  

My sweet old man, my sweet dog  with her hair barely growing out, and the ditch beside my driveway in March 2010.

Looks like a pink waterfall, doesn't it?  Don't live there any more but it's still pretty. 

What did you do in the war, granny?

Here I am in my corset and snood, hand piecing during the War of Northern Aggression.  You will see I have a personal servant - actually, my granddaughter Taren when she was just a young'un.  She was a bandage roller.  What fun we had acting in this wonderful reenactment drama during the Battle of Olustee Festival.   They said I couldn't wear any makeup because it spoiled the illusion.  The heck you say!!!  I don't go ANYWHERE without makeup.  An 1860's soldier walking around with a cell phone.....now, THAT spoils the illusion!