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Writer, Quilt Artist
Heirloom Baby Clothes on Quilts

Oh, how precious those tiny clothes that belonged to loved ones; how dear those memories. Your grandmother's Christening gown, your father's "coming home" clothes, your daughter's first frilly dress - all have a special place in your heart.  Are they packed away in the attic, or in a box in the back of a closet? Let me mount those special pieces to a quilted wallhanging that will display your memories for all to admire. 

During the pandemic isolation, I began a series of quilts that featured antique baby clothing mounted on quilted backgrounds, embellished with antique trims, linens, and laces. Each piece was unique, each lovingly made completely by hand. I found I truly savored the slow pace, the careful design of each quilt, and I know there are cherished pieces hidden away by families who don't know what to do with the tiny clothing. I offer a solution to the problem. 

Prices run $100 per square foot.  The piece must be large enough to gracefully display the clothing, but I was able to display nine pieces that each fit on a 24" by 24" background,  Christening dresses, being much longer, require a larger space. Treasures are mounted unharmed, and can be removed in the future if so desired. Customize with names or dates, anything is possible.


Complimentary consultations, just email teddypruett@gmail.com. Please use Lullabies as a subject heading.