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Sacks for Pax

This quilt began with bits and pieces of old feedsacks from a huge rubber storage bin. Some of the bits were so tiny that I pieced pieces to get a piece. That reads nicely, doesn't it? I added a few 1930's orphan blocks, again from feed sacks, and odd embroidered blocks sent by a friend. I paper pieced some miniature blocks to utilize teeeeeensy shreds of fabric. Then I appliqued the words with leftover strands of embroidery thread in just any old color that my hand landed upon. I didn't cut the ends of the thread; there are dangles hanging off everywhere. It drives people crazy. I know there is no contrast between the words and the background, and that the words are difficult to discern. That's just the way feedsacks work with each other. Peace is not easy to find, either. There are fun little phrases and goodies hidden all over the quilt. Beautifully quilted by Nan Moore of Port Orange, FL Huge quilt. It covers a real bed.