Teddy Pruett
Second Hand Story Quilts
A little background



I've studied quilt and textile history for more than twenty five years, receiving my certification as an appraiser by the American Quilter's Society in 1994. I passed rigorous written and oral examinations demonstrating knowledge of three hundred years of textile history, dye processes, fabric printing methods, patterns, construction techniques, regional variations, market values, and other factors that influence the value of a quilt.  I appraised literally thousands of quilts before my retirement in 2016.  

My fifth grade teacher placed a pile of cut out magazine pictures on a table.  We were told to choose a picture and write a story about it - and my life changed.  I've been smitten with the written word, both the words I read and the ones I write, since that day.  My quilt career pushed aside my writing for the past 25 years, but paper and pencils are in my hand and in my future. 

As soon as I say "hi" (or HEY!) you will know I am a true southern chick.  Born into a military family, I've lived and traveled worldwide, moving nearly eighty times. I try to appreciate every day to its fullest.  I still have dreams, lots of them.  I'd love to study the history of architecture. I'd love to study Material Culture - quilts are a perfect example of that.  I want to study the history of the Scots-Irish, particularly their contribution to the southern United States,  I adore outsider art, the more primitive the better, but it can't be "pretend" folk art, it has to be real.  I want to learn to speak Spanish, I want to be a serious photographer - black and white preferred - and I want to write books.  I have a very short Bucket List, but I'm serious about wanting what I want.  Unfortunately, John Lennon's statement "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" is a daily reality.

I love dogs, the bigger the better.  And birds, lots of birds. I love friendships that exist without constant nurturing - that just "are."   I can't imagine life without trees - enormous old oaks, dripping with moss, pines tossing scent into the breeze, and Weeping WIllows with branches tickling pond water. I could write about this stuff forever.  I did mention I like writing, didn't I?