Teddy Pruett
Certified Quilt Appraiser
Second Hand Story Quilts
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Well, it works for Paula Deen.  Thought I'd give it a try.

I hope you will take the time to click on a few pages and learn about quilt appraisals, look at some really wild quilts,  and just enjoy your moments here. 

I'm a true Gemini, so you get "twin" websites in one here.  The first is for Teddy the Certified Appraiser and very serious business person.  The second is for Teddy the quiltmaker who marches to the beat of a different sewing machine.  I like to work with old worn out things I buy in thrift shops.  One of my friends says I shop in places she would only go into with rubber gloves and tongs, and I admit to keeping antibacterial hand cleaner in my car.  But I have such a heart for the women who came before me, the women who worked so hard to find a few moments to make beautiful things for their families.  Perhaps it was a crocheted doily, a hanky with tatted edges, an embroidered dresser scarf, or a stack of quilt blocks they never got around to setting together.  These are the fragments I gather and I find great joy in giving them new life.  As you look at the quilts in the galleries, you will spot the vintage pieces.