Teddy Pruett
Second Hand Story Quilts
On the Page and In the Cloth

Welcome!  I'm excited!!  I've just been interviewed (Oct 22) by the adorable Pat Sloan and I'm officially podcasted!  Other than incredible nerves and worrying about making a fool of myself, it was a lot of fun.  Thanks, Pat!!  I hope some of you are visiting the site as a result of the podcast and that you enjoy your visit.  The best possible outcome will be that you have me as a speaker for your group.  

After three years of "retirement" from appraisals and lecturing, I find I really miss being on the road to share my quilts.  I have prepared four new lectures - so far - to offer groups and I'm having a grand time dragging piles of quilts across the country to share.   Be sure to click the Lecture Info link at left to see the new offerings!  I'm ready to work - let's talk!!  

I'm in the process of changing my website from that of a quilt maker and appraiser to that of a quilt maker and writer.  Because I tell stories in my quilts, because I use text in my quilts, it's not as great a leap as one might think.  

I write, but I will always be an artist, a quilter, a sewer of old things into new.  I like to work with worn things I buy in thrift shops, the kind of places you go into with rubber gloves and tongs.  I have such a heart for the women who came before me who worked so hard to find a few moments to make beautiful things for their families;  a crocheted doily, a hanky with tatted edges, an embroidered dresser scarf, or a stack of quilt blocks they never got around to setting together.  These are the fragments I gather and find great joy in giving new life.  As you look at the quilts in the galleries, you will spot the vintage pieces.

Enjoy your visit, and let me hear from you!