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Okay - this text is supposed to wrap around the photo, but it won't.  Just bear with me and read d-o-w-n.    I used to be a street rod chick.  As soon as I met Bill he began bestowing gifts.  He found out I liked old cars, and gave me a basket case 1938 Chevrolet to restore.  I designed this mauve and cream sweetie that I named Mauvlus.   It had a gold instrument panel, roses etched into the windows, pink velvet and pink & gold brocade upholstery. The battery was in the trunk, disguised as a big gift wrapped in pink velvet.  I even had a pink toolkit!   I loved my car passionately, and kept it seventeen years.  When quilts began to dictate my life and my days, I could no longer go to car shows or play with my car.  I finally sold it and used the money to build my cottage. 

This picture was taken at an April Fool's Rod Run in Waycross, GA. where Mauvlus won the People's Choice Trophy.  Can you see what I am doing?  I am lap quilting a quilt block a la Georgia Bonesteel!




Here's another play-pretty car, my 1969 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, about 3 miles long.  It was in a car show July 2015 and guess what I was doing?  Yep. Sewing.  Putting the binding on a quilt.  

My sweet old man, my sweet dog  with her hair barely growing out, and the ditch beside my driveway in March 2010.

Looks like a pink waterfall, doesn't it?  Don't live there any more but it's still pretty. 

What did you do in the war, granny?

Here I am in my corset and snood, hand piecing during the War of Northern Aggression.  You will see I have a personal servant - actually, my granddaughter Taren when she was just a young'un.  She was a bandage roller.  What fun we had acting in this wonderful reenactment drama during the Battle of Olustee Festival.   They said I couldn't wear any makeup because it spoiled the illusion.  The heck you say!!!  I don't go ANYWHERE without makeup.  An 1860's soldier walking around with a cell phone.....now, THAT spoils the illusion!