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Easy Peasey stash busting method with dynamite results!  This particular string quilt is created on rectangular foundations. This is like eating potato chips, you can't stop at one!

Also available as packaged pattern for $10.00 plus shipping.  











String quilts have been popular for over one hundred years as a way to utilize every little piece of fabric.  Those of you who need to "stash bust" (and who doesn't?) will love this class!  Learn several ways to piece with strings. Those long, skinny leftover bits of fabric that are too small to do anything with are perfect for this class.  Great news: Nothing to buy for this workshop!  Just bring bits and pieces of any leftovers and see how valuable they can be under the right circumstances.  Precutting will speed up the process but isn't necessary.  





Karen Griska has kindly given her blessing for me to teach the method she used to make her quilt Fandango.   So much fun to make and such dynamic results!  Of course it isn't really ribbons, it's just leftover bits and pieces of fabric, sewn in a method that creates this stunning basketweave effect.  No foundations in this one!  ($6.00 pattern fee payable in class, fee goes to Karen Griska.) 



What to do with all those old doilies, dresser scarves, antimacassars, etc that granny left behind? They make spectacular quilts!  learn to work with crochet, embroidery, odds and ends,  This is a fun one!


Fifty Shades of White


Participants will make a small art piece in neutral shades of white, cream, ivory, etc. We will layer vintage linens, laces, trims, buttons and odd items into simple compositions easy to complete. Students will learn proper handling, cleaning, and sewing techniques for using lace, crochet, trims, tatting, etc.   Vintage doilies, laces, trims, christening gowns, photo transfers of vintage family photos, dresser scarves, kitchen towels, buttons, crochets, anything at all.  


THE LAST ROUNDUP: Mavericks, Strays, Orphans


No, this is not about cowboy quilts.  It's about gathering up workshop leftovers, blocks that didn't fit, things with no place to go. Failed experiments, flea market impulses turned bad.  What to do with all those things?

Believe it or not, they make amazing quilt tops when put together!  The hardest work is already done, you just need the encouragement  to put them all together into unique, one of a kind gems!   


Sugar Baskets  (Because they are just soooo sweet!)


This absolutely adorable quilt from the 1930's deserves a comeback.  It will look amazing duplicated as is, done in 1930's repros, batiks, or wild funky colors.  You will learn several alternatives for applique, choice of straight set or on point like the original, two ways to make yo-yos and some simple embroidery stitches to complete the block.   Kit Fee of $20 is required in class.  Fee includes Cindy Claycamp's printed pattern, basket interfacing, embroidery threads, and enough vintage yo yos for one complete block.  




Watch this page as more workshops are offered!  It is my goal to offer workshops that require little or no financial investment for the students.  


All day class - $650.   Mileage at current IRS rates.Overnight accommodations.

I don't fly, I drive with my quilts, but I will drive ANYWHERE in the continental US.  Where mileage is prohibitive, we can devise an expense plan that works for both parties.