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This is the story of Molly Faircloth as she leaves the rat race of tourist hotel management in Orlando and follows her dream of opening her own Bed and Breakfast Inn.

She finds the perfect house in a small north Florida town.Built in 1899, it features a third floor living space for her, four beautiful guest rooms, and even a shop for her Teacup Springs Quilts and Vintage Needlework. It has everything she ever dreamed of with an added bonus: a resident spirit named Fancy, who has incredible eyes, an attitude, and a unique method of communicating with the people occupying her space.  

Fancy coexists unobtrusively and peacefully until Molly's former boyfriend, Bud, moves into the carriage house. Bud, a highly skilled woodworker, has a dream of leaving his legacy work in the breathtaking Queen Ann mansion, but Fancy has other plans for him.  Molly's regular guest, Zee Smith, an investigative reporter, digs deeply into historical records that expose the shocking reason for Fancy's fascination for Bud. 

All plans for the opening of the inn are abruptly changed as Molly and Fancy struggle to determine which of them is actually the "lady of the house." Molly appears to have won the battle, but Bud's life is forever altered when Fancy refuses to give up.  He belongs to her - he has always belonged to her.  







Obedience, known as "Aunt Bedie," was born into slavery. After gaining freedom, she remained close to her former owners and worked for them, earning enough to buy a home and land at the edge of a small town.  She was a gifted gardener and immediately set out to have the best flower and kitchen gardens in the area.

Aunt Bedie collected animal bones for her garden, wiring them into sculptures, arches, trellises, and walkways. As the townspeople learn of her odd gardens, they begin to visit, to picnic, and to court.  It's the small town's first informal interaction between the world of black and white.  The gardens develop into a well known attraction and Aunt Bedie is respected and cherished by all. But when human bones are discovered among the roses and lilies, she is in danger of losing her freedom once again.