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When I decided in 1993 to make my quilt, Rotten Bones, I knew I wanted the weeping willow and the Remember Me poem in the center, but it took a lot of research to decide on the other elements. I studied mourning embroideries and researched poems and writing relating to death. Several of those poems are on the quilt. Most of the quilt is done by hand, and it took three years to complete. It's the first of my quilts to get national recognition, win prizes, and get into print. 

This pattern is a small, simplified version of Rotten Bones, and I think it carries the essence of the early 19thcentury even when done by machine.  Full sized diagram in pattern;  fused machine applique class.   Finishes at 24" by 36". 

Also available as packaged pattern with full size placement diagram for $15.00 plus postage.