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When you have a few moments, check out the wonderful www.porterbriggs.com.  It's a good-news,  all-about-the-south online magazine.  Short articles, beautiful photography, great subject matter, and some really great writers.  I'm one of them!  Click the hot link above, then enter my name in the search box to find the articles below.  


Aunt Aggie's Boneyard

A lot of folks get into the stamp-collecting thing; for others it’s rare coins. Boring stuff for Aunt Aggie. You never saw so many beautifully-arranged bones in all your life.  (Lake City, FL)


The Whispering Walls of Haile Homestead

At Kanapaha Plantation's Haile House, no one ever had a problem seeing the handwriting on the wall.  (Gainesville, FL)


The Most Significant Landmark You Never Heard Of: Fort Mose 

Did you know the first refuge for enslaved black Americans was in the South? (St. Augustine, FL)


McShacks:  The House the Crackers Built

What do hugging necks, shelling peas, and string music have in common?  

They all take place on the welcoming front porch of a Cracker house.  


And then, there's the flattering article Sarah Glaser wrote about moi!

Stories in the Stitches: Teddy Pruett