Teddy Pruett
Second Hand Story Quilts
Salacious Secrets of Sam and Sue

I've never been a fan of Sunbonnet Sue, or if you are from the deep South, you may know her as Dutch Doll.  I have a tendency to poke fun at traditional quilt patterns, so old Sue was a prime target.  I decided there was a reason she was always seen wearing a baggy smock.   Yep. Sue is a gal in trouble.  

The Sue and Sam pieces on this quilt were contributed by American Quilt Study Group member from all over the U.S.  I cut them from their original backgrounds, embellished them, and gave them naughty text bubbles.  Then I wrote dirty limericks and posted across the bottom of the quilt.  

I'm not certain that you are supposed to have this much fun combining writing and quilting!