Teddy Pruett
Second Hand Story Quilts

Watch this page as more workshops are offered!  It is my goal to offer workshops that require little or no financial investment for the students.  


Pulling Strings


String quilts have been popular for over one hundred years as a way to utilize every little piece of fabric.  Those of you who need to "stash bust" (and who doesn't?) will love this class!  Learn several ways to piece with strings. Those long, skinny leftover bits of fabric that are too small to do anything with are perfect for this class.  Great news: Nothing to buy for this workshop!  Just bring bits and pieces of any leftovers and see how valuable they can be under the right circumstances.  Precutting will speed up the process but isn't necessary.  

All day class - $650.   Mileage at current IRS rates.  Overnight lodging when necessary.  



Fifty Shades of White


Participants will make a small art piece in neutral shades of white, cream, ivory, etc. We will layer vintage linens, laces, trims, buttons and odd items into simple compositions easy to complete. Students will learn proper handling, cleaning, and sewing techniques for using lace, crochet, trims, tatting, etc.  

Supplies: Vintage doilies, laces, trims, christening gowns, photo transfers of vintage family photos, dresser scarves, kitchen towels, buttons, crochets, anything at all.  

Straight pins, neutral embroidery thread and needles. Hand sewing only, no machines needed.  Backing fabric and thin batting for your sample, fat quarter size is good.  If you have a runner or towel or special piece for your ground, bring batting and backing to go with that.  
Instructor will bring linens and laces and buttons to share.  Do not buy anything for this class! Well....you can go to a thrift shop for your pieces of white, but don't spend much! 

Sugar Baskets (Cuz They're SO Sweet!)

Make a block from this adorable 1930's basket quilt.  Learn two ways to create yo-yos, a few basic embroidery stitches, and options for applique.  Kit fee required, kit includes Cindy Claycamp's published pattern, 1930's vintage yo-yos, interfacing, embroidery threads, needle.