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The Salacious Secrets of Sam and Sue
What you didn't know about those little people

I've never been a fan of Sunbonnet Sue, or if you are from the deep South, you may know her as Dutch Doll.  I have a tendency to poke fun at traditional quilt patterns, so old Sue was a prime target.  I decided there was a reason she was always seen wearing a baggy smock.   Yep. Sue is a gal in trouble.  

The Sue and Sam pieces on this quilt were contributed by American Quilt Study Group member from all over the U.S.  I cut them from their original backgrounds, embellished them, and gave them naughty text bubbles.  Then I wrote dirty limericks and posted across the bottom of the quilt.  

I'm not certain that you are supposed to have this much fun combining writing and quilting! 

Sue wouldn't get into trouble all by her sweet self, she must have been led astray by a fellow of low moral fiber.  Or cotton fiber, in this case.  He holds a beer in his hand as he tries to entice her into his 1938 Chevrolet, which not only fits perfectly with the original blocks in the quilt, it's a tee shirt center portraying my  very own car.  

Be careful.  It's a dangerous world out there. 

Sam is denying his part in the party,  but Sue is on to him and I'll guarantee a paternity test is in the future if she gets her wish to be on the Jerry Springer Show! 

And this little Sue is on her way to hug a toilet.  I think she had a very nice evening.