Teddy Pruett
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Gallery 4


"Rotten Bones"

80" L by 64 1/2" Wide

This was the first quilt I made that went "National."  I walked on air for a year or two - or three, then it was pictured full page in Quilter's Newletter magazine, that was good for another year or so of air walking.  It was made in the style of mourning needlework so prevalent around 1780-1820. 


"The Strike of the Serpent" : An AIDS Quilt

33" Wide by 33" Long

This quilt illustrates the poem that is written in the center, where AIDS is compared to a serpent. 



"The Strike of the Serpent" - Detail

Glowing evil eyes and beaded rattles.


This poem was originally written as a perfectly formed "triolet" - yeah, it's okay if you've never heard of one - most people haven't.  But I butchered the form in order to get it onto the quilt,  so English Teachers and Poets beware. 


"Shameless Hussy" - Made back in the dark ages - I would do it much differently today.  This began as a white trash quilt - really - a friend brought me some scraps from a bridal alterations shop - it was all white, and it was all in the trash.  I added everything white I could find.  I think this was the first quilt I ever put into a show.   At the time, I thought it was just wunnerful, wunnerful.  I don't think that any longer.   But it is good to remember how far you have come in your art.



A detail - upholstery samples, beads, pearls, buttons, laces, crochet,  just gobs and gobs of white stuff.

The next three quilts are duplicates from the Short Story page.  I can't figure out how to delete them!

"Sarge" began as a way to utilize the very odd antique quilt block in the upper left corner.  It looked patriotic, so I added an old phototransfer of my dad and some Army odds and ends.

"Our Baby Boy - 1935"   The background is a very ragged quilt backed by dishtowels.  I added a picture of my husband and his parents and filled the ground with vintage stuff and things,