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Two Way Cool Studios That I Miss So Much!!!!!

We sold our home and moved in November of 2009, and among  the beautiful things I gave up was the pond, the majestic oaks, and the cracker cottage.  So many people have enjoyed seeing it, I've decided to leave it for a while.

It was incredible - fish, birds, baby goats, the moss swaying in the breeze, resurrection moss on the branches.  I miss it so. 


The ceiling of my studio.  Check this out - you'll thank me for this idea!!  You know all those wonderful little things you collect, but cannot possibly display???  Wrap some grapevine wreath around the rafters, as I did here, or around the edge of your ceiling, or across window sills.  Hang things the way you hang Christmas ornaments  - from little hooks or from small bits of florists wire.  You can display anything and everything - and you don't have to dust it!!

Talk about amazing --- my webstats indicated that I'd had a ton of hits from central Russia!   I back-clicked to find that a sewing and crafts chat list had found the pictures of the rafters here, and had shared it profusely.  How fun to see that women a world away were interested in this!

The next pictures are the studio in my last house, I haven't posted pictures of the current studio.  These drawers were full of fabric that is too small to fold (what I call my "giblets")  and pieces of vintage needlework.

The sewing desks at right angles, and the  62" by 23" ironing surface set on top of 12 very handy drawers. The bookcases hold barkcloth, feedsacks,  and vintage fabric; also fabric separated into subjects:  Text, people, places, critters, food, cowboys & horses, vehicles, etc.  The design wall separates these shelves from two more just like them. 

Shelves with "normal" fabric. One step away from the laundry room, a powder room, and the kitchen.  Very handy!

This was a two car garage when we bought the house.  I had French doors and two large windows installed where the garage door had been.   To protect my fabric from the sun, I bought two cheapo $19.95 bedspreads from Sears and lined them with thick blackout liner that I cut from hotel drapes I found in a thrift shop.  I have bird feeders just outside the window, and often have the doors open to the fresh air and birdsong.   Love it!

This is the goof-off corner - oh, I mean the "research" corner. For reading and studying and well, snoozing. And that's just what Juliet is doing.