Teddy Pruett
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Quilts are shown in no particular order.  This site doesn't provide for slide shows, more's the pity. You will have to go from Gallery to Gallery.  

"Cook is a Four Letter Word!"

67 1/2" W X 66" L

Vintage fabric with food or cooking themes, aprons, linen teatowels, potholders, child's shirt, stove knowbs, pearls, diaper pin, vintage Dresden Plate block, Ralph Lauren sheet, vintage buttons.  Hand stamped and painted four letter words.

Oh, Gawd, I love this quilt!  This chick was so much fun to do - the quilt practically made itself.

My version of a traditional "Dresden Plate" quilt. 

I often worry about my stash - no matter what I want to portray, I can usually find it in there somewhere.  I needed stove knobs for eyes - and there they were, right in one of the many  (many, many,) boxes marked 'embellishments."



"Memorial Day"    96"W X 50" L

This quilt is my tribute to the armed forces of the United States and their families, and honors each major American conflict through Desert Storm. Sweetheart pillows, dinner napkin, 50's yardage, souvenir hankies of WWI, camo jacket, military insignia, pillow kit, doll clothes and embellishments.

My version of "A Thousand Pyramids" traditional block.



"Memorial Day" detail



"Memorial Day:" detail


 "O Liberty So Joyous"

Look closely, and you will see that the eagle in the center of this quilt is the same eagle featured on "Memorial Day."  I had two dishtowels, so I tried to make one quilt that looked mid-19th century patriotic, and one that looked contemporary.  (In case you are having trouble discerning which is which ----this is the one that is supposed to look like 1850.) 


"Fractured Wedding Ring - The Divorce Attorney's Quilt"

72" W X 59" L  -  Aprons, recycled clothing, vintage double wedding ring quilt top, various other  items.  

Disclaimer:  This is all fantasy & stereotype, and has nothing at all to do with my own marriage to an amazing, kind, generous and loving man who is my hero.  My version of a traditional "Double Wedding Ring" quilt.  But I'll have to admit.....I have known marriages like this.........


Wedding Ring detail

Down the center of the quilt, the couples are lovey dovey and everything is wonderful. 

Wedding Ring detail

Then things change.....she has HER side of the quilt to whine and complain....

she has changed from a pampered sweet thing into an unappreciated drudge.

Wedding Ring detail

And he has his side of the quilt to complain - and run around - and drink - and gamble - and stay away at sports events................


Just a joke, ya know.   

This quilt has been in books, magazines, and even a television commercial!