Teddy Pruett
Certified Quilt Appraiser
Second Hand Story Quilts *** Free Lance Writer
Gallery 2


"The Eggplant that Ate Baltimore"

           58 1/2" W X 62" L

Machine pieced, hand and machine appliqued, hand and machine quilted, hand painted and stencilled, hand and machine embellishments.  Recycled materials: 1950's yardage, 1940's upholstery fabric, 1960's shirts, dresses, doilies, hankie, antique buttons, gold trims. 

My version of a Baltimore Album quilt, but the traditional blocks have been altered to the point of absurdity.  This quilt began with some hysterical eggplant fabric from the 1950's.  I wondered just how far over the top I could go with an eggplant.  I had also appraised one too many reproduction Baltimore Album quilts and wanted to make one that was a little different. 

"To Hell with Housework"

54" L X 70" W

Hand and machine applique,  hand lettering and embellishment. Hand quilted with big stitch in Baptist fan pattern. 

Created from 1950's yardage, tea towels, aprons, curtains, a halloween costume, UFO blocks, embellishments, miniature cleaning supplies.  The flames and devils glow in the dark. 

"To Hell with Housework"  detail

"The Original Florida - Do Not Disturb"

46" W X 30" L

Rattlesnake cut from Harley Davidson tee shirt, alligators from Joe Boxer pajamas, various cotton scraps.   All techniques by machine. 

Each spring when I drive to south Florida to do appraisals, there are more superhighways, more malls, more golf courses, more gated communities.  My eyes are molested by miles and miles of concrete and man made structures. As a native Floridian, it saddens me to see my natural beautiful state obliterated by concrete and automobiles. 

"The Arch in the Boneyard - 1915"

27 1/2" L  X 38" W

The ultimate yard art!  Aunt Aggie was born into slavery in south Georgia, but eventually owned her own house and gardens in my hometown of Lake City, FL.  She decorated the yard with wired animal bones in the shape of trellis, walkways, and arches.  She also conjured spells, in which she used a wedding ring, a door key, a bible, and a glass of water, all depicted on the left border.  Her home was sold and bulldozed in 1918, and the segregated African-American high school was built on the site. 


"The Arch in the Boneyard" detail.

Aggie used animal bones in her sculptures, but I couldn't find any for my quilt.  What I did find was a kit of brontosaurus bones, and a kit of human being bones.  Ahh, artistic license!!  Even so, it is a bit unnerving to come across the occasional finger in the archway.

"The Snake and the Spirit Blue"

43" square

Men's shirts, old skirt, cross-stitch placemats, beads, buttons.

"Spirit Blue" refers to a particular color of blue often seen as house paint in the deep south.  Also known as "haint blue" it is said to ward off evil spirits. 

"View from the Escarpment"

38" L X 60" W

Recycled items including shirts, dinner napkin, futon upholstery samples, a 1950's apron.  Embellished with nubby yarns and seashells.  Thread painted tree.  It did not begin as a landscape - it began as rows and rows of rectangular "bricks."   I knew my friend Kaye England was writing a book on African design quilts, and I made this one in a shameless attempt to get into the book.  It worked!! 

"Festiva Floats in Floral Seas"        58" L X 69" W

Festiva had her own way totally against my will.  I just wanted to make the biggest, ugliest fish I could.  It was to be a guy-fish named Festus, but he insisted on a sex change operation.  Not only that, she wanted to be a party gal and a country music groupie! (grouper?)  She likes Vince Gill and NASCAR driver Sterling Marlin and she wants to be Dolly Parton when she grows up.  Not me, honey, I like the Beatles!

"Festiva" detail.

What a floozy!

Background pieced of hexagons (my one and only offering of Grandmother's Flower Garden) of vintage yardage and upholstery samples. Polka dots from a nursing home yard sale in Indiana. (Thanks Marylu!) 30's crochet trim, sequins, assortment of country music crip-crap souvenirs.