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*This isn't really my newest work - I am ALWAYS behind on photography!



I call this one "Test Patterns."  Young folks won't even know what that means.  A traditional quilt - me - can you believe it???   You will probably believe it took me 15 years to make those stupid paper pieced blocks.  I always do them backwards, but it doesnt matter as long as you do them ALL backwards!  I began the quilt when we lived in Winter Garden in the mid 90's.  There are hundreds of fabrics in this quilt, spanning 50 or 60 years. Kinda pretty, huh?







Sacks for Pax - A Peace Quilt

This quilt began with bits and pieces of old feedsacks from a huge rubber storage bin.  Some of the bits were so tiny that I pieced pieces to get a piece.  That reads nicely, doesn't it?   I added a few old 1930's orphan blocks, again from feed sacks, and odd embroidered blocks sent by a friend.  I paper pieced some miniature blocks to utilize teeeeeensy shreds of fabric.  Then I appliqued the words with leftover strands of embroidery thread in just any old color that my hand landed upon.  I didn't cut the ends of the thread; there are dangles hanging off everywhere.  It drives people crazy.  

.I know there is no contrast between the words and the background, and that the words are difficult to discern.  NQA judges hate that!!  That's just the way feedsacks work with each other.  Peace is not easy to find, either.  There are fun little phrases and goodies hidden all over the quilt for those who can stand to look at it long enough to find them.  I've never been much of a feedsack fanatic, and I only used them because they gave the effect I saw in my mind's eye.  By the time I was finished with the quilt, I adored the way the fabric felt in my hand. 

I had just a few days between completion of this top and the time it was due in Colorado for an exhibit, and there was no way I could quilt it in time - not even with my sorry quilting.  I was rescued by my friend, Nan Moore, who beautifully machine quilted it and returned it to me just in time.  Huge quilt.  It covers a real bed.




CHURCH LADIES:   This quilt celebrates the joy of Gospel music and praise by singing.  It began with a hideous 1950's Lone Star top that someone threw in the garbage, and includes Crown Royal bags used as choir robes, some placemats, 1940's drapery panel, 1970's sheet, 1950's bird fabric (they sing, too!)  old clothes, and gloves that my aunt, a minister's wife,  actually wore to church in the 1950's.   One of the ladies holds a Funeral Parlor Fan, a staple in old Southern churches; one wears a Nine Commandments bracelet.  I had the bracelet in my junk stash for many years; always wondered what one could do with only "nine suggestions" and now I know.  One holds a hankie - and one of the choir members has been slain in the spirit.  And a good time was had by all.......


HAPPY DAZE CRAZE  is a tribute to everything 1950's.  I had a ball digging through my stash deciding which fabrics I could use to depict the things of my childhood.  All the aqua and black & pink fabrics are authentic 1950's yardage.  There are over 200 references to icons of the 50's - movies, movie stars, songs and singers, toys and games, political events, clothes, things we used in everyday life - sure wish these details were clear enough for you to see it all.