Teddy Pruett
Second Hand Story Quilts
I love those sweet little things!

OOOOOOOHHHHHH, BUTTONS!!!!!!!   Hunnerds and hunnerds of buttons, gallons of buttons,  punch bowls full of buttons that you can just run your hands through, charm strings with a thousand different buttons............

I have buttons all over the house - here they are on the fireplace.

Scroll to the bottom to see a quick tutorial on how to make a Button Charm String. 



And on the kitchen counter. 

The vase with the white buttons is 18" high.



In the living room.  There are more, but I'm a little too lazy to photograph them all.  



In the front foyer.  Is that a GORGEOUS quilt or what????

I actually have a few in the studio.  I really use them.

I have a lamp with a glass base full of buttons in the laundry room, but no photo.  It's a little cutesy. It even has buttons glued all over the shade.




ANd here I am, literally wrapped up in buttons.  


Teddy's FREE Tutorial on How to Make a Button Charm String

Okay, okay - I just know that some of yall are out there trying make button charm strings.  Here's the best way to do it - advice passed on after suffering through doing it wrong umpty times.

First, get about a zillion buttons.  Take one out, and place it at the edge of the desk or table.  Then take out the second button and compare it.  Is it the same?  If it is, toss it back.  If it is different, it becomes button number two.  Place it underneath button number one.  Take 
button number three - compare it to the first two buttons.  Is it a match? 
If so, toss it.  If it is different, it becomes button number three.  You only have to do it a couple of thousand times to get to 999.  
It helps to separate your buttons by color.
Now that you have 999 different buttons, it is time to string them.  Get a piece of telephone cord - the kind that you plug into the back of the phone and into the wall.  (Get 'em fast before they disappear off the planet.)  Cut the outer plastic wrapper off to reveal the many colored wires in the middle.  These wires are your friends.  They are the only thing strong enough to hold the enormous weight and have enough bulk to keep from tangling.  Please pay attention to this:  DO NOT USE FISHING LINE!!!  The first time you pick the charm string up, it will twist and knot and you will want to slice your wrists with your rotary cutter or eat cheesecake with beer  to get even with yourself for being so stupid and wasting all that work.

Now cut the wires into manageable lengths - I usually cut them about four feet long.  Now, thread the buttons from both ends toward the center.  Just trust me on this, okay?  After the sections are filled with buttons, you twist the ends of the wire together.  As I said, one of my strings is 44 feet long.  You will want to do it in sections.  Can you imagine scooting one little tight-butt button down 44 feet of wire???

Now, put something pretty on both ends of the string - I put a curtain ring at the top of mine so I could pick it up easily, and put a pretty tassel at the end.  Now, get a big old fruitcake tin and wind the charm string into it like a snake.   And have a cup of tea.